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Norway in UFO Photographs: The First Catalogue2008-01-31
The complete, expanded version of our 206-page report is released.
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The 7th Biennial European SSE Meeting2007-07-10
Open to the Public
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The Björnulf solar eclipse film2006-10-08
Clas Svahn of UFO-Sverige has written an article on this movie from 1954.
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UFO makes impressions in ground2006-02-21
In the middle of a mountain massif, where no vehicles can enter, it was seen distinct impressions in the ground from a vehicle. Within a triangle three deep impressions is set in the ground. And in the middle was the ground partly burned. The observation in Gratangen is one of UFO-NORWAY
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UFO-SWEDEN solved the Asker UFO case?2006-02-21
A swedish radar captured the UFO that the Solberg family at Asker recorded on tuesday the 19th of november. UFO-SWEDEN put Clas Svahn on the case.
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The Experts disagree about fireball2006-02-21
UFO recorded on camcorder at Asker, Norway2006-02-21
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